Island Living

‘Island Living’ was published in THE SHOp Magazine of Poetry (yes that’s how the letters go) in 2013, a lovely magazine which has now sadly gone to the big publications archive in the sky.

Island Living

What’ll happen is
We’ll sit on a real island
And everyone will be speaking our language but our canúint is dead so we’ll only have to   speak to eachother

You’ll have red hair
I’ll have a jumper like the clancy brothers
Everything will be all right
We’ll do so little that the mid-term will seem like months

We’ll sleep under a patchwork quilt
Not touching
In the morning we’ll walk around the stone walls while the kettle boils

After, we’ll have some toast with real butter and real jam
Then we’ll lie face down in the grass
Listen to the sea
Read the love letters of dylan thomas from a library book
But it will be a stolen english library book we don’t have to worry about bringing it back to the ilac centre.

We’ll also have a sheepdog
Which won’t bark

Then we’ll go back to dublin
And never put the photos on the internet.

Everyone will just know that we’ve been
Because you’ll have new freckles
And I will have a sense of calm not associated with people who haven’t
And that’s what’ll happen




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